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SoftLaw Limited, a fully Kenyan-owned company, was formally incorporated in 2003. The vision of the founders is to provide our consumers with products that create easier, faster, and cheaper ways of doing business.

SoftLaw is progressively growing to establish itself as the leader in the provision of business support services. Being relatively new to the industry and young, we are more committed, we try harder, and we care more for our clients and our partners. Our motto “inspired” defines the driving force of our ideas and the client reaction we desire for those ideas.


SoftLaw Founders:
Harrison Karanja and Stephen Alala
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Quality Statement

We are fully committed to provide high quality solutions to our customers.

At SoftLaw, we always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. At SoftLaw, we fuss about each and every aspect of our business. We evaluate ourselves over and over. We remain inexorably set to continuously improve our performance and our clients’ and partners’ satisfaction.

The effectiveness of our quality system depends on the participation of every member of our organization. We are backed by a stated commitment to highly professional management.
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Background and History

In October, 2002, the founders of SoftLaw devised several concepts that would see the legal field embrace information technology in its core activities.

Having one foot in Kenyan law and another in information technology, the founders were perhaps the most well placed persons in the country to take the initiative.

SoftLaw began its planning and financing in earnest late October, 2002 which saw the founders consult widely amongst lawyers and information technologists and businessmen. The first movement into production of its first product, a CD with all the laws of Kenya (SoftLaw Statutes) begun on the 13th of December, 2002. Production of this product ran for eleven months. The official date of completion following thorough testing and real on-site deployment was done on 11th November, 2003.

SoftLaw had by then already begun efforts in the production of an extensive upgrade of SoftLaw Statutes (SoftLaw Citator). The official “begin date” for SoftLaw Citator was July, 2003.  SoftLaw Citator was a manifestation of the many client-communications that SoftLaw had received while it deployed testing versions of the SoftLaw Statutes in client machines. SoftLaw Citator’s development proceeded through the Christmas holidays until January 5th 2004 when its production officially ended. After the launch of SoftLaw Citator, the SoftLaw Statutes offering was discontinued.

After a successful run of the SoftLaw Citator product in 2004 and backed by strong public demand SoftLaw launched LawsofKenya.com – an online version of the laws of Kenya – on December 11, 2004. LawsofKenya.com was an instant success and its easy pay-per-use model ensured that SoftLaw remained the market leader in the provision of online legal resources.

In 2005, SoftLaw tapped its extensive data entry resources and experience gained in the production of the laws of Kenya and launched a data solutions division. The division steadily grew as large clients engaged it for their data entry work. In 2006 the division was renamed Genius Outsourcing, and added the services of software development, transcription, language editing and training to its stable.

Also in 2005 SoftLaw licensed its specially formatted laws of Kenya data to the Judiciary through the National Council for Law Reporting and to a legal publishing house..

In August 2005 SoftLaw setup a concept that had been the dream of its entrepreneurial founders, Genius Executive Centre. The concept that was drawn-up on a Monday, advertised on a Wednesday, and got its first client on a Friday was extremely well received. Genius Executive Centre (GEC), a novel concept in Kenya, provides furnished and serviced office workstations on a flat-monthly fee to its members. GEC notched thirty clients in its first month (a 60% occupancy rate), a remarkable achievement. GEC has never looked back since and remains the market leader.

The new offering GEC generated quite a buzz and the press eagerly published and broadcast the story behind Genius, SoftLaw and its founders. SoftLaw and Genius subsequently received generous press coverage in TV, radio and press.

SoftLaw continued in its pursuit of innovative products in 2006. Realizing idle capacity of Genius Executive Centre at night, SoftLaw converted it into a business processing outsourcing centre under its Genius Outsourcing division. Genius Outsourcing made brisk business and had soon signed on two major clients.  Transcription training was  soon added as a service under Genius Outsourcing as overwhelming BPO orders outstripped existing human resources. Genius Outsourcing remains a fantastic growth area for SoftLaw Limited and a key focus.

SoftLaw’s efforts at promoting entrepreneurship through GEC were quickly noticed. GEC was made the subject of a case study by Strathmore Business School in conjuction with IESE university. GEC is also a participating member in the Intellectual Property segment of an Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property training program by the World Bank. GEC was represented as a panelist (as a specialist in non-financial business services) in a business creation programme run by TechnoServe, an international organization that helps entrepreneurs build businesses. GEC also presented a paper at a workshop called Business Incubation Initiatives in Kenya organized by KeKobi. GEC organized a tour of its premises by staff members from the Technology and Business Incubation Facility (TBIF) incubator from Kigali Rwanda. SoftLaw continues to work with entrepreneurs by sourcing financiers for startups, consulting on entrepreneurs business plans, and giving free consulting to GEC members through its Genius Capital and Consulting arm.

September 1 2006, marked a new dawn for SoftLaw’s LawsofKenya.com website. As a measure of corporate social responsibility, the “laws of Kenya” section was opened up to the public by removing the access costs. The re-designed site was launched with two new services: Find-a-Lawyer, and Get-a-Client. The new services marked a shift in the LawsofKenya.com business model from merely providing information to being a tool to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the legal profession. The two services were been positively received.

SoftLaw continues its spirit of innovation and promises to deliver high-quality business solutions to its clients in the years to come.

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Our People

SoftLaw has spared no expense in ensuring that it has the best staff possible in producing high-quality solutions. Key qualities looked for in our staff are innovation, extra-ordinary resourcefulness, creativity and downright diligence.
Each member is assigned duties that meet their very expertise. This continuously puts exciting challenge to the members of our organisation.

Our management philosophy is that we run the business as a family. The company’s commitment is to provide a pleasant working environment that centers on self-motivation, flexibility and good work ethics. SoftLaw strives to listen to its staff and meet their needs.

SoftLaw’s directors are Harrison Karanja and Stephen Alala, who are also the founders of SoftLaw and are both 24 years old.

Mr. Karanja is in charge of Product Development and New Growth at SoftLaw. His project management skills were perfected as a lecturer in web development at Strathmore University and webmaster at Azicon Engineering Ltd. Mr. Karanja is Winner of Best Lecturer Award (2002) at Strathmore University. As an internet strategist, he has gained considerable understanding of the internet industry. Mr. Karanja is a holder of the N.H.O. Mahondo Constitutional Law Award. He holds a Bachelors in Law at the University of Nairobi, a a diploma and a higher diploma in the Management of Information Systems. Mr. Karanja is also a blogger and maintains a blog about entrepreneurship on startupkenya.blogspot.com

Mr. Alala is in charge of Business Development. His commercial and corporate abilities have profited greatly by working in the commercial department of Kapila, Anjarwalla and Khanna. Previously, he had worked with Afriscan Technologies Limited where his knowledge of information technology was keenly developed. Mr. Alala, also a competent French speaker, also holds a Bachelors in Law at the University of Nairobi, and holds a diploma in the Management of Information Systems.

SoftLaw, since its inception, has employed over 100 people. One of our current key personnel is Mr. Andrew Njoroge. Mr. Njoroge our Technical Associate provides unmatchable technological consulting to our products development team and to our consulting arm at GEC. His professional qualifications include a graduate diploma in the Management of Information Systems, Strathmore University and Winner of 2000 Gold Medal Award in Web Programming, IMIS UK. The unrelenting perfectionist, he ensures that our technological solutions work and work extremely well. As a veteran in his field, he has uncanny entrepreneurial insight in product development cycles, database development and administration.


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Products and Services
SoftLaw has released the following products:
  1. StatutesOnline. This is legislation online. It is provided on www.LawsofKenya.com. This product allows access to statutes for the wider market who are focused on affordable access to Kenyan legislation;
  2. Legal Q & A. This service is aimed at ventilating Kenyan legislation to the average user. Users ask questions and have them answered in plain and simple language. For the benefit of readers trained in law, our researchers include references to applied statutes, court decisions and learned arguments. This service is also provided on www.LawsofKenya.com; and
  3. SoftLaw Citator. This software solution comprises all legislation on the intra-net. This is targeted at large high-end clients who are looking for a first-class experience in functionality, speed and customer care. It is available for download on www.softlaw.co.ke
  4. Genius Executive Centre. Genius is the first commercially run business incubator in Kenya. By providing furnished offices, communication services, and business advisory services, Genius supports its members’ businesses. More on Genius Executive Centre can be found at www.geniuscentre.com
  5. Genius Credit. A subsidiary service of Genius Executive Centre. Genius Credit allows Genius Executive Members easy payments of their membership fee at Genius Executive Centre
  6. SoftLaw Transcription Services. By utilizing our extensive data entry knowledge SoftLaw provides top-quality transcription at world competitive pricing. A in-house training arm ensures that our staff are kept adequately trained to meet current transcription needs.
  7. SWIFT Info. A premium service that caters for your organizations’ information needs, whether it is voice, electronic or print data. From experience that we have gathered in collecting and managing enormous amounts of information, we offer businesses the power of converting all pieces of information that flows in and out of their firm into searchable electronic format.
  8. BetOnStocks.co.ke. A website that allows you to take and place bets on events at the Nairobi Stock Exchange.
  9. Forex Training and Forex Managed Accounts. Enjoy trading opportunities in the largest and most liquid market in the world through a self-directed account or through our growth managed accounts. Genius Forex offers training in a practical hands-on CTS forex trading system for individuals wishing to trade their own accounts and money manager trading for those wishing to trade on other people's accounts for a commission.Opportunities in forex trading at www.forexkenya.com


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