SoftLaw Citator
SoftLaw Citator is the first software of its kind, offering Kenyan legislation and its amendments electronically. Citator runs on an Intranet and allows users of an organisation to quickly access the Laws of Kenya over their local network. Users benefit from a periodic amendment service that ensures their Laws are always up-to-date.
Genius Executive Centre
Genius Executive Centre provides professional, fully equipped office space for a monthly fee. Our sensible pricing, flexible terms and simple, one-page agreements make us your only choice for staying agile in a dynamic business environment. Contact us today to learn about our office offerings
StatutesOnline is modelled along the highly intuitive interface of SoftLaw Citator. StatutesOnline contains up-to-date legislation and is provided at our pay-per-use website for a fee of K.Shs. 50 per hour.
Legal Q&A
Legal Q&A is an online legal research service provided at that allows you to ask your legal questions or find answers to previously asked legal questions.